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Art on Gold - Works of art are reproduced
onto Elegant  Goldtone metal  

Greetings on Gold -
 Original Poetry and Photographs combined onto Goldtone metal to create,  “the card that is a gift!”

Portraits on Gold - Personalized creations turn any photo into a treasured memory

Golden Quill Press -  Cooperative Publishing, editing, manuscript preparations, assist writers in getting their works published


Don’t Be Afraid-
Our Super Heroes BREV Force will protect you!

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Francine and Ken Bray, invite you to experience ....
Glow-A-Rama, the most awesome amusement adventure
in Southwest, VA

Whether you've ever played mini-golf or ever played it in the dark, you have never played anything like Glow-a-Rama.  We conceived, created, and built everything so it is original, unique and we are told ”AWESOME!”

This 18 hole indoor miniature golf course takes you on a journey into the past, then hurls you toward the future; and all in blacklight. 

 But, we didn’t stop there — We built Scaryville, our own Haunted House as part of the course, and it too is in Blacklight!

And what makes Blacklight unique and so much fun— everything glows: the golf balls, golf clubs, scorecards, all the holes, the artwork on the walls and panels; created for Glow-A-Rama by Lord Botetourt and James River High School Art Students, and all the custom created sculptures— everything glows and that adds to the adventure.

  But we didn’t stop there —We added a Blacklight Game Room that challenges even the best players on their favorite games, such as; Pool, Ping Pong, Darts and our own created Golf Bowl.

Whether you are looking to play, or party in one of our private rooms, or Dance ’N Party Room, Glow-A-Rama has something for everyone, whether 2 or 102!  Rain or Shine, come and play your favorites in the Awesome darkness of Blacklight!

Wear White, or Tie Dye and Come To Glow!

Our 4 Private Party Rooms To Handle Birthdays, or, Any Special Event



Blacklight Game Room

ONLY $2.50 per person
per 1/2 hour


Blacklight Ping Pong
Blacklight Darts
Blacklight Pool
Blacklight Air Hockey
Blacklight Golf Bowl
Blacklight Pool Bowl

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